Jared Flaming : Studio / by jac lahav

Had a chance to visit with the amazing realist paintings of Jared Flaming in his east williamsburg studio this week. In a nondescript warehouse overlooking Cooper Park, while small dogs barked at the purring hum of skaters doing ollies, we chatted about realism, signifiers and the benefits of clove oil for your palette.

Some of his new work explores early imagery of revolution (think French/American) paired with over layed script elements. They're super historical, yet amazingly topical for today's nasty environment. At the end of his visit I opened a small jar and sniffed some familiar aromatic spice. Turns out Jared dips a cotton ball with clove oil and sticks it under a wooden box along with his palette. Apparently just the vapors slow down the drying time of his paints. It also smells wicked tasty. Nerdy Note: clove oil used to be used as an anesthetic during dentil work. Youch!

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