SPRING/BREAK 2019 / by jac lahav

David B Smith Artist at Spring Break 2019


Organized by Jac Lahav

Cave Dwellers is a theatrical presentation of cuddly yet spooky anamorphic soft sculpture and textile paintings made with a combination of traditional and modern techniques such as cutting, sewing, stuffing, digital weaving, and hand-embroidery. Installed in an environment resembling something between a cave and the holodeck, the works evoke a cavern of curiosities belonging to a speculative future where machines and organic beings have merged. Inspired by the language of science fiction films and nostalgic Natural History Museum dioramas, Smith presents an open-ended narrative of a diverse community of bio-technological beings living underground as the earth’s atmosphere surface has become inhospitable.

Smith’s presentation at Spring/Break accompanies his solo show at Geary Contemporary. This accompanying show, titled CloudMinders presents a group of ephemeral-bodied soft sculptures. In Smith’s mythology the CloudMinders occupy the sky and manages the world of digital information. His Spring/Break show proves a counterpoint with a physically-embodied group of Cave Dwellers who live below the Earth's surface. These Cave Dwellers are responsible for all manual labor yet have little access to digital technologies, culture and their own histories. The Cloudminders power relies on the Cave Dwellers ignorance yet their dominance is in question.

Since receiving an MFA from Bard College, David B. Smith has been developing a blended practice of photo/textile/sculpture with residencies at Apex Art, New Zealand, Franconia Sculpture Park, MN, Marble House Project, VT, Socrates Sculpture Park, Textile Arts Center and The Art and Law Program, NY. He has had recent solo shows at Halsey McKay Gallery, Geary Contemporary, and Planthouse Gallery and has shown at PS1, 56 Henry Gallery, The Spring / Break Art Show, Essex Flowers, and will participate in the 2019 Textile Biennial at the Rijswijk Museum, Netherlands. 

For more information visit www.thedavidsmith.com or @DavidBSmith_


David B Smith Artist at Spring Break 2019