Sue Kovach - APORIA / by jac lahav

Please join us for the beautiful sculptures of Sue Kovach. These intimate works integrate light and shadow to point at the irresolvable internal contradiction of life itself. They remind me of Jungian dualities, juxtapose both conscious/unconscious, ego/shadow, to create mythical archetypes of staircases.

Opening: Saturday August 18th from 2 pm - 6 pm. 

Show runs until Sept 30th, so come visit! (by appointment only please)

Sue Kovach Invite.jpg

Aporia is a series that utilizes a variety of stepped forms to travel through the spatial relations of in and out, light and dark, up and down.  Pyramidal shapes rise up, cave in, drop off, double up, lose parts. An ambiguous, confused journey ensues: entering is leaving, ascent and descent flip-flop, active and passive swap volumes.  The mythical stair appears, leading nowhere distinct. Something to climb up or climb in, down or off, -- positive and negative sketched out in a sculptural space. 

Sue Kovach’s sculptures are informed by her background in American History and Mythology.  She has recently shown at SPRING/BREAK Art Fair and Black Ball Projects. She lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.